What's behind the creation of a Coopbox tray? A world of ideas and creative flair, project expertise in designing and styling the products and a series of tests on the materials and their performance.
Out of the Box is a window into all this, on how things are created, into everything that happens before, freely and without limitations. It's where imagination applied to projects is given free rein.
Coopbox has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with young talents from Universities like IUAV and workshops like Fab Lab in Reggio Emilia. Not all have been actually used and have remained as just packaging concepts, but we believe they're worthy of particular attention as to the creative ferment, research and skill behind them.

What can you do with expanded polystyrene? Deconstruct to make it more flexible and ergonomic. The designers came up with ideas for new uses and unexpected applications:

Polystyrene as a protection inside sports clothing

It could become an unusual pizza-box

or a tray with customized interchangeable supports.

A few concepts dedicated to ready-meals for people who lunch at work or want to save time:
Pizza 4 Giri
Mò te magno