"Admittedly, no one would do those sort of things nowadays . But we had to try to go one step further"

Aldo Piccinini

1972, Nasce Coopbox

The Coopbox story began in 1972 when the brickworks of Bibbiano had to be re-converted as the brick-making systems, which dated back to 1946, had become technologically inadequate.

The decision was founded on a desire to support employment and allow the enterprise to maintain its roots in the Val d'Enza area. The initial plan was to manufacture building products, the traditional sector of the CCPL Group, which had acquired extensive experience and a larger market. But conviction was lacking and intuition encouraged the management to consider new scenarios, which seemed to possess potential.

Coopbox is the result of the courage and desire to innovate by launching out on the production of thermoplastic articles: sheets and pre-formed products in expanded polystyrene; sheets and boards in rigid and expanded polystyrene; thermoformed materials for agriculture, supermarkets, etc. Coopbox's future lay in that final concept, then in the making, that proved to be a winner.

Nowadays, Coopbox's product range is extensive and designed to meet extremely varied customer and market requirements, all with respect for the consumer and the surrounding environment. Coopbox's strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility and the desire to innovate that has always been its hallmark, have led to the development of absolutely new products like Naturalbox, the world's first tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA, and DOT, the designer tray for ready meals with freezer-to-oven convenience.

With a 130-million euro turnover and over 720 employees, Coopbox has factories, sales offices and subsidiaries in Italy, Spain (Coopbox Hispania and Dynaplast), Slovakia (Coopbox Eastern) and France with Promatec and ONO, which also has headquarters in Morocco and Turkey, all of which certainly testifies to an international outlook.