AER Line
AER line products have been designed to meet the requirements of the modern food distribution channel. Excellent mechanical strength, perfect film seal and a highly efficient barrier effect make these trays the ideal choice for modified atmosphere packaging, since they guarantee hygiene and a long shelf-life for the foods.
Long life for fresh foods
AERpack barrier trays are used for packaging products in modified atmosphere.
Saves space and maintains freshness
Thanks to ground-breaking CX-strip technology, the AERbag system guarantees practical, performance-oriented packaging.
Freshness lasts longer
AERdry trays combine modified atmosphere technology with the absorbency characteristics of a draining tray.
Smaller in size and optimum performance
Sturdy AERslim trays cut down on bulk to a notable degree, while providing an optimum gas barrier.
Lightness meets design
In Iberslim, CX-Slim technology combines with an elegant design that cuts down on size and enhances the products