Mission, values, strategy

After almost 40 years in the business, Coopbox has now achieved a standing of competitive excellence in the food packaging industry thanks to an on-going desire to invest in quality and innovation. Its mission is to increasingly improve its know-how and product range by proposing packaging solutions with high added value.

Coopbox doesn't just want to produce food trays. It wants to do something more: take care of people.

Respect for the environment, designer products, quality and food safety are the values that guide Coopbox's way of doing business, without neglecting the tradition of cooperative values to which the company adheres: the centrality of human resources and work, commitment towards culture, solidarity, mutual benefit, strong bonds with the local area and development of the local communities, but also global thinking.

Coopbox has always invested in innovation and has addressed a very important challenge: not merely to imagine a better world, but to make it. To this end, for example, the Coopbox “Research & Development” laboratory created Naturalbox, the world's first food tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA (polylactic acid) made from materials wholly obtained from renewable sources.