Coopbox manufactures plastic packaging
for fresh and ultra-fresh foods
We're leaders in Italy and Europe
After over 40 years in the business, Coopbox Group has become a leading concern both in Italy and Europe when it comes to complete, flexible packaging solutions. This is why customers know that they can expect high-level innovation and quality service from Coopbox.

On-going research into new materials, new technologies and new packaging solutions has allowed Coopbox to extend its range of products from the basic tray in expanded polystyrene to draining versions able to absorb liquids or the most advanced gas barrier trays for modified atmosphere packaging.

This wide range of products allows Coopbox to meet the requirements of all food sectors, since it can provide packaging for fresh and ultra-fresh foods, fish products, ready meals, fruit and vegetables through to oven-baked foods, with a specific focus on meat.

Coopbox distributes and sells trays and film for packaging throughout Europe, providing a prompt and flexible service able to rapidly meet the needs of its customers, i.e. the large-scale retail channel and the agri-food industry.