Coopbox extrudes and thermoforms food trays, which are distributed throughout Europe.

Coopbox manufactures its range of trays in expanded materials in 4 factories situated in Italy, Spain and Slovakia where the cycle begins with the feedstock granules, which are melted, processed, extruded and expanded by means of gas injection technology. The resulting semi-processed product is an expanded sheet of plastic material. This product is then thermoformed using different technologies, depending on the material in question. Thanks to the experience acquired, Coopbox is able to apply expansion technologies to different polymers, including PS, PET and PLA.

Rigid trays are manufactured in the Spanish Dynaplast factory using extrusion and thermoforming technologies that obtain compact trays in materials such as PET, PP and PS.

Coopbox also laminates several types of film onto the sheets so as to obtain the multi-layer structures that the more demanding industries require for certain types of packaging.

In addition, Coopbox has also developed regeneration technologies to improve the sustainability of its processes by recycling the waste produced in its facilities.