Fresh Pasta
A woman who knows how to make good pasta acquires a prestige that still withstands any other lure of changing times.

Sophia Loren

Long life for fresh foods
AERpack barrier trays are used for packaging products in modified atmosphere.
Freshness lasts longer
AERdry trays combine modified atmosphere technology with the absorbency characteristics of a draining tray.
Smaller in size and optimum performance
Sturdy AERslim trays cut down on bulk to a notable degree, while providing an optimum gas barrier.
Lightness meets design
In Iberslim, CX-Slim technology combines with an elegant design that cuts down on size and enhances the products
The utmost in dryness
DryMAX is the line of XPS draining trays.
The pastry shop's ideal display case
VISTA BAKERY is the line of containers that present pastries, cakes and confectionery to the best advantage.
Naturalbox in XPLA expanded
The world's first food tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA obtained from renewable feedstock.
Naturalbox in PLA rigid
The traditional version of Naturalbox is made of 100% biodegradable, rigid, transparent PLA