Stretch is a packaging system for fresh foods using cling film (PE or PVC) to completely wrap the tray containing the food. The basic advantages of stretch packaging are low cost packages, easy use and the flexibility of the system.

Shelf life: 2/3 days for red meat and fish; up to 7 days for white meat
Packaging machines: stretch
The utmost in dryness
DryMAX is the line of XPS draining trays.
True to Coopbox's tradition of expanded polystyrene food trays
STANDARDpack is the range of traditional trays in expanded polystyrene, available in over 50 different versions and a variety of colours.
The light-hearted convenience of dry foods
New Dry is the range of XPS drain trays.
The pastry shop's ideal display case
VISTA BAKERY is the line of containers that present pastries, cakes and confectionery to the best advantage.
The natural beauty of colours
VISTA VEG is ideal for enhancing the shapes and colours of fruit and vegetables, without filters.
Naturalbox in XPLA expanded
The world's first food tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA obtained from renewable feedstock.
Naturalbox in PLA rigid
The traditional version of Naturalbox is made of 100% biodegradable, rigid, transparent PLA