The Flow Pack system is commonly used in the fruit & vegetable, bakery and dairy sectors. When it enters the horizontal or vertical Flow Pack packaging machine, the product is pushed inside a tube of film that encircles it. The film is then sealed longitudinally under the product and then crosswise, before and after it. This creates a hermetically sealed bag containing the food.
It's a versatile system that can be used both for food in trays and loose products, like lettuce.

Shelf life: up to 8/10 days for red and white meat with barrier film
Packaging machines: horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal
True to Coopbox's tradition of expanded polystyrene food trays
STANDARDpack is the range of traditional trays in expanded polystyrene, available in over 50 different versions and a variety of colours.
The pastry shop's ideal display case
VISTA BAKERY is the line of containers that present pastries, cakes and confectionery to the best advantage.
The natural beauty of colours
VISTA VEG is ideal for enhancing the shapes and colours of fruit and vegetables, without filters.
Naturalbox in XPLA expanded
The world's first food tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA obtained from renewable feedstock.
Naturalbox in PLA rigid
The traditional version of Naturalbox is made of 100% biodegradable, rigid, transparent PLA