These initials stand for a patented modified atmosphere packaging system. In this case, the food is arranged in a tray, which merely holds and protects it. If necessary, it can also absorb any liquid released by the food. The tray is then pushed inside a tube of plastic film possessing high-level gas barrier properties. The chosen gas mixture passes continuously through the tube and pushes out the atmospheric air. The film is then sealed longitudinally under the tray and crosswise both before and after. This creates a hermetic enclosure that contains the tray. This enclosure is extremely heat-shrinkable. When it is heated, it retracts and adheres to the tray.
The utmost in dryness
DryMAX is the line of XPS draining trays.
True to Coopbox's tradition of expanded polystyrene food trays
STANDARDpack is the range of traditional trays in expanded polystyrene, available in over 50 different versions and a variety of colours.
The light-hearted convenience of dry foods
New Dry is the range of XPS drain trays.