Skin is the packaging system that extends the life of food since it completely removes all the air, especially atmospheric oxygen.
In this system, the overwrap film adheres completely to the tray and the food it contains, just like a second skin. The choice of materials and the machine are of fundamental importance in this type of packaging.
Packaging costs and poor flexibility are the disadvantages of this system, together with difficulty in stacking on counters, the odour and liquids released when the package is opened. The outward appearance has improved considerably over the years thanks to the technological implementation of film and machinery.

Shelf life: up to 15 days for red meat; up to 20 days for fish; up to 30 days for white meat
Packaging machines: Top Seal with vacuum - gas system, without gas injection cycle del gas
Long life for fresh foods
AERpack barrier trays are used for packaging products in modified atmosphere.
Lightness meets design
In Iberslim, CX-Slim technology combines with an elegant design that cuts down on size and enhances the products
Freshness lasts longer
AERdry trays combine modified atmosphere technology with the absorbency characteristics of a draining tray.
Smaller in size and optimum performance
Sturdy AERslim trays cut down on bulk to a notable degree, while providing an optimum gas barrier.
From freezer to oven without a second thought!
Trays for packaging ready meals to be cooked or heated in an electric or microwave oven.
The oven tray that turns everyone into a masterchef
In heat-sealable aluminium, ideal for preparing fresh, appetizing foods ready for baking in an electric or gas oven.
Freshness you can see
The VISTA FRESH range is designed for packaging meat, sliced meats and cheese using modified atmosphere technology.