Professional Skills

The Coopbox team includes technicians and designers who assist the customers at every step when new products or processes are developed. Every problem and every variation required by the customers are dealt with by our technicians in Italy with help from the R&D team.

The Coopbox technicians are fully familiar with the packaging machines and every additional component for the trays used by their customers, whether they're large-scale retail chains or industries. This means that the product lines are planned, designed and tested to suit their final application. The customers can also examine their new trays in 3D and obtain prototypes within the shortest possible time. In addition, they can test their packaging systems thanks to assistance from the R&D team, so as to obtain a complete assessment of the system used.

The R&D team includes chemists, engineers and food technologists who test new materials, create new processes and pioneering products to propose to the customers.