Oven-backed products

If I was the baker,
I'd bake a loaf that was big
enough to feed everyone,
everyone who has
nothing to eat.
A loaf as big as the sun,
golden, as fragrant
as violets.
A loaf like that
would be eaten by…
…the poor, the children,
old people and little birds.
It would be a day
to remember:
a day without hunger!
The loveliest day that ever was.

Gianni Rodari
The light-hearted convenience of dry foods
New Dry is the range of XPS drain trays.
The pastry shop's ideal display case
VISTA BAKERY is the line of containers that present pastries, cakes and confectionery to the best advantage.
Naturalbox in XPLA expanded
The world's first food tray in 100% biodegradable expanded PLA obtained from renewable feedstock.
Naturalbox in PLA rigid
The traditional version of Naturalbox is made of 100% biodegradable, rigid, transparent PLA